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Bicycle Safety
The intended audience of this website is experienced bicyclists with good road biking equipment who are familiar with safe bicycling practices. The State of Connecticut's Department of Transportation website is an excellent source for information on bicycle safety. The state DOT also publishes a pamphlet on bicycle safety which you can download here.
"Park and Ride" (Commuter Parking Lots), Parking Protocol & Courtesy
Many of the rides originate from the state's "Park and Ride" commuter parking lots (CPL's) where parking is typically not a problem (especially on weekends). A list of CPL's is available at the Connecticut Department of Transportation's web site. There are also rides originating from shopping center parking lots where the needs of the merchants must be considered. In these instances, please be considerate of the store owners and customers by selecting remotely located parking spaces away from the heavily trafficked areas. Further, when school parking areas are the origination point, please keep in mind that when school is in session parking will be extremely limited, if not totally unavailable.
Bike Computer Use & Calibration
Many bicyclists use bike computers. These computers are especially helpful on rides over unfamiliar territory. Careful attention to the bike computer mileage vs. the route sheet mileage cues lessens the risk of going off course and getting lost on a ride. We strongly advise that bike computers be made a part of your biking equipment.
Individual riders using a bike computer will probably note differences from the route sheet mileage cues due to calibration variances. Typically these differences will not be more than 1%, but that could amount to a differential of around 0.3 miles over a 30 mile ride. Please be aware of this and make the necessary mental adjustments as you proceed through the ride.

DISCLAIMER: While every attempt has been made to assure that the Route Sheets (Cue Sheets) and the Ride Descriptions are accurate, the volume and nature of the information precludes any guarantees. Mistakes will happen, various road/street signs will get changed, become obscured or disappear, etc. In general, Murphy's Law will prevail. For this reason, use the ride information provided at your own risk. We suggest that, in addition to the Route Sheets provided here, that you also bring with you a detailed street map of the area in which you will be riding. And, we hope that you will take the time to report any problems you find. Also, this website has been developed voluntarily; no one is profiting from its use. Email us with any comments or feedback to
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